Insurance with the most transparency, the least red tape and the highest levels of service and rewards






Helping You Pay Less and Get More Back From Your Insurance

We offer you a true partnership that protects your business while helping it grow. 
You get so much more than affordable, reliable cover and fair claims resolution. 
You also get a seat at our table by becoming a shareholder in our company. 
In other words, your insurance becomes an asset.



About Us


Born in April 1994, an auspicious time filled with promise, we have not for a moment stopped adapting and innovating.

Because we got to know you and what your business needs. 

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The Very Beginning

It took less than a year for our managing director and co-founder, Locke Purdon, to decide to focus exclusively on truck insurance. At the time, truckers were not a good risk for insurers, and they were paying sky-high premiums because of that.

He set out to change this status quo for both the insurer and the smaller fleet owner. He soon realised there were far better and more efficient ways to manage risk…


A Watershed Year

By the early 2000s, Locke had proven he could make money for other insurance companies. It was time for him to take the newly renamed Trucksurance to the next level.

In 2003 came his eureka moment of insight – and the start of a radically different approach to insurance. He launched Tandem Equity, in which our policyholders own 50% of the shares.

When the company makes a profit, so do you, and its dividend payouts put actual money back in your pocket.




The Entrepreneur Awakes

Over the next few years, Locke would refine his business philosophy as he learned to anticipate and outsmart the constantly changing cycles of the industry.

Then came a natural entry into intelligent on-road risk management, as existing telematics programmes showed no correlation between drivers’ scores and their likelihood of having accidents.

He launched DriveSmart to genuinely change truck driver behaviour and significantly reduce owners’ costs… 

Until Now2018

With You, Our Partner, in Mind

In 2018, Locke was delighted to welcome his son Luke to the business.

With a BCom honours degree in financial analysis, Luke has brought an added dimension to the expertise and experience that Trucksurance offers. Moreover, he brings the fresh perspectives of a new generation and the reassurance of long-term continuity.

Our business is now truly family-owned and managed, and we prize the values of accountability, loyalty and stability that it entails.




For us, some things are simply not negotiable:

Trust. We believe it is a two-way relationship that drives everything. 
Honesty. Our advice is always based on what’s fairest and best for you.
Fairness. We settle every valid claim promptly and without quibbling.
Transparency. We explain in detail,  we collaborate, we have nothing to hide.   
Accountability. We take personal responsibility for every aspect of your partnership with us.  

What Others Say

Clint Brook Managing Director, Logico Logistics
You answer the phone day and night, literally, and not once has it felt like I was dealing with a call centre. You’ve taken the lead in accidents and hijackings, creating group chats to make sure everyone is up to speed and mobilising the right people to get the problem solved. You understand my business and the cover it needs, and you’re always open to ideas to reduce premiums or mitigate increases. Good, clean, ethical – that’s Trucksurance.
Rob Lovemore Director, Lovemore Bros
How unusual to know your insurance company this intimately, witnessing its inner workings and being able to interrogate its administration and finances! Also, to be represented on the board by like-minded fleet operators and have the opportunity to be a board member yourself. When last did your insurance company invite you to its AGM? And Tandem Equity’s strong profit performance rounds off a compelling offering.
Carol Heaver Director, Coastal Diesel Services (PTY) Ltd
The transport industry is tough with huge risks and low profit margins, and every cent counts just to remain in business. As a small, family-run company, Trucksurance’s structure is ideal for us because we minimise our expenses and our risk. The transparency in all our dealings with you has been excellent. We love the contingency fund offering that makes ‘self-insurance’ of smaller claims possible – a great way to save and get the tax benefits.